How can I Start an Internet Business


By: Dorothy Adkins,

If you told me you was going to Fly a Plane I would advise you to take a Flight training Course First.

Same thing with a Home Based Business, There are Home Based Business Courses That can Teach you step-by-step how to start a home based business.

When you find a Home Based Business course that You are interested in the small amount that you would invest in it, Would be well worth it to you in the long run,

Once you have a highly Successful Business to Make Money Online for yourself.

This was the answer I gave to this Question "How Can I Start an Internet Business?" on Yahoo! Questions an Answers in 2007, I think it was a good honest answer then and it still rings true today especially for beginners.

The fact is that without good online marketing skills and a good Business Plan in place your dreams of working at home an Making Money Online with your Internet Business May never Take Off.

Common sense tells me that everyone on the Internet is marketing something." Themselves, Their Business, Their Product, Or Services, and the list goes on an on. But there's only two ways to learn good marketing skills on the Internet you can spend two, three years or more and through trial an error you may learn How To Make Money Online.

Or you can take a Short Cut to Sky Rocketing your Business online by taking a Internet Marketing Course that can teach you step by step how to start an Internet Business Online so if you are a beginner or if you are a Pro looking for a way to Make More Money Online I highly recommend you take a look at the Insider Secrets to Marketing your Business on the Internet.

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Start Home Based Business

By: Dorothy Adkins,
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Small Business Marketing Strategy: Target the up-and-coming search engines

While Google still rules the roost when it comes to Internet search engines, and Yahoo is firmly entrenched in second spot, a number of new start-ups are hoping to give them a run for their money. And a good small business marketing strategy would be to check them out and see how you can make them work for your site!

Some of the new up-and-comers include:

  • Powerset (www.powerset.com): A "natural language" search engine

  • Hakia (www.hakia.com): A "meaning-based" search engine

  • Wikia (www.wikia.com): A "community-based" search engine

  • ChaCha (www.chacha.com): A "social networking-based" search engine

  • Snap (www.snap.com): A search engine that offers visual previews

  • It's a smart small business marketing strategy to continue optimizing for the Google, Yahoo, and MSN search engines as they are by far and away the most popular -- but niche search engines could provide new opportunities to reach your market. Be sure to check them out!